Philip Home, UK

Philip Home, UK

Philip Home trained in medicine at Oxford University and Guy’s Hospital, coming under the influence of Harry Keen, and thus gravitating into diabetes research. Continuing this research career in Newcastle upon Tyne, initially under the guidance of George Alberti, he has published over 390 papers, books and reviews on aspects of diabetes, from basic studies on metabolism to RCTs of new therapies, and aspects of the organization and delivery of diabetes health-care.

In Newcastle he is Professor of Diabetes Medicine, and practised in diabetes care and disorders of lipid metabolism at the Newcastle Diabetes Centre and at the Newcastle Hospitals until end 2011.

A background in pharmacology and medicine led to appointment to the external panel of the Committee of Safety of Medicines (UK) and later the MHRA, and subsequently to membership/Vice-chairman of the Appraisal Committee of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (UK) (2000-2011). He has given evidence at Federal Drugs Administration (USA) hearings and advised EMA on diabetes medication regulation.

Particular research interests have been of the disturbances of metabolism found in people with controlled diabetes, especially in relation to insulin therapy, and in the optimal design and implementation of insulin regimens using new and conventional insulin preparations, and the development and use of other new medications. In these areas Philip Home is consultant to many of the major international pharmaceutical companies, on behalf of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. A publication list is available on his website.

An interest in editorial work lead to Professor Home becoming Editor of Diabetic Medicine. He has also been involved in editorial boards and advice to many other international diabetes journals, including being Editor-in-chief of IDFs Diabetes Voice.

An interest in information technology and quality of care initiatives lead to a major role in developing international evidence-based clinical guidelines, datasets for diabetes care, and in software development for diabetes services. These interests lead to a core role in some of the European St Vincent Declaration initiatives, and subsequently to becoming Chairman of the International Diabetes Federation (Europe), and of the WHO/IDF St Vincent Executive in Europe. Subsequently Professor Home was a Vice-President of the IDF and a member of its Executive, and founder Chair of Clinical Guidelines Task Force. In 2009 he was Programme Chair for the IDF World Diabetes Congress in Montreal.

In the UK Philip Home has been Chairman of the Joint Royal College of Physicians/Specialist Societies’ Endocrinology and Diabetes Committee, and was Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK Type 2 Diabetes guidelines Initiative, having been Senior Clinical Advisor to the NICE Type 1 Diabetes Guidelines Development Group.

Internationally Professor Home has assisted in diabetes developments in many countries, including the states of Central Asia, Kuwait (at the invitation of the government and WHO) and other countries in connection with national diabetes programmes, and been involved in teaching and/or diabetes care provision in countries as diverse as China, Paraguay, Malta, Russia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Australia.

In 1999 he became founding Chairman of the WorldWide initiative for professional education in diabetes, and subsequently President when it was incorporated. Lecturing and teaching on the management of diabetes (including drugs and insulin), the organization of diabetes care (international initiatives, information technology, optimal care delivery), and diabetes guidelines are a major part of his activity for local, national, and international congresses, and the meetings of many transnational societies.

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