Dear Member of the Life Science Community,

Whether you are a scientist, decision maker, practitioner, investor, or keen observer within the life science community, we believe you will substantially benefit from and enjoy attending the unique World Congress on Targeting Metabesity (Metabesity2017), taking place 30-31 October 2017 in London, UK.  A spectacular set of experts will participate.

Despite amazing progress in gene editing, individualized cancer medicine, and reducing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the even more important frontier for health product development is prevention—not just treatment—of the major public health diseases.  Reducing the aging process itself is a means and an end within this project.  Each of you will want to know how your science, craft, organization, and investments will participate and/or be affected by the shift towards disease prevention.  By participating in the Congress—

If you lead a major pharmaceutical organization, you will better understand existential threats and opportunities that face mature disease-focused companies.

  • If you are a basic scientist, you will want to know what biologic effects are salient in the shift to applying science to disease prevention.
  • If you are an entrepreneur with an early health product asset, you will want to anticipate the regulatory and commercial pathways to preventions and reversal indications.
  • If you are a policy maker or regulator, you will want to understand how you can optimally participate in the enterprise of health product development and utilization.
  • If you are a journalist, you will want to cover an event that tangibly signals the shift from disease management to disease prevention and health maintenance

Metabesity2017 aims at stretch goals to prevent and cure disease and slow the aging process by engaging world-renowned experts, executives, policy makers, and other participants from the fields of metabolic-rooted disorders. The Congress will start with updates of key scientific discoveries that present targets for intervention with multiple modalities ranging from nutritionals, drugs, and biologics to devices, diagnostics and digital health management systems.

The distinctive objective of Metabesity2017 is to devise cross-cutting strategies to leverage impact of this science and technology. The emphasis will extend beyond just identifying, translating, and evaluating these assets to taking on the daunting challenges of commercializing, utilizing, and paying for products that can prevent or reverse metabolic-rooted diseases and may entail long development times.

Metabesity2017 will deliver actionable knowledge in a highly interactive, enjoyable format.  Importantly, new understandings and solutions will emerge from this cauldron of scientists, regulatory and corporate decision makers, investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and intellectual property experts. Metabesity2017 will therefore be of high value to anyone with a responsible role in the life sciences world.

We look forward to seeing you at Metabesity2017 in the great city of London—and to future Congresses to come.

Alexander Fleming

Congress Co-chair

Alexander Fleming

Lawrence Steinman

Congress Co-chair


Julia Manning

Congress Co-chair



Congress Organizer